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Factory Introduction

OZMOS is the world’s fast-growing manufacturer of CBD products and equipments. Our products range from basic cartridges, batteries, pods and equipments, to high purity CBD e-liquids. OZMOS is based in the United States, and we also have factories in Shenzhen, China and Poland, where we can provide you OEM and ODM service, OZMOS has more than 2000 employees worldwide. They are highly professional, industrious, and devoted. You are very welcome to visit our factory to see all the facilities.

OZMOS Value Propositions

OZMOS –Consistent and trustworthy, OZMOS stays humble in the fame of virtue. Treat yourself to the highest quality CBD products from OZMOS. Try something different with our wide-range of diverse CBD products! You can trust OZMOS to provide you with the correct amount of high-quality CBD oil infused in tasty options that fit your lifestyle.

OZMOS have a dedicated global team of legal and chemical experts to ensure regulation compliance. We guarantee not only our passion and dedication but also a highly advanced research and development team that consistently surpasses our customer's expectations. OZMOS never stops innovating new CBD products to meet users’ utter most satisfaction.

Quality Policy

OZMOS use only the top grade ingredients to ensure our quality meets the highest standard in the industry. On-going safety assurance is the top priority at OZMOS. We continuously improve our manufacturing standards to ensure our products meet quality and safety requirements and are in compliance with all laws and regulations. We work to achieve and exceed the best standards available by using only the best materials in our production produced at the highest manufacturing standards.

OZMOS invests heavily in developing proprietary automated machines to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained. Covering 60,000 square meters, OZMOS factories worldwide adhere to the International Good Manufacturing Practice Standard (GMP) and ISO9001. Our CBD products are produced in a definitely clean production environment, ISO Cleanroom with cleanliness class 10,000. Every product has to go through 10 quality control steps and 5 testing procedures before it’s dispatched.